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Videos of Buckland Teaching Program

Buckland teacher teaching experience sharing

Enjoy teaching in China

the 54th-56th oreintation programs for 2012 fall term new Buckland teachers in Yangshuo

The most beautiful memory with the  Buckland family

Learning Chinese at Buckland Group

International travel program about Yangshuo- where Buckland'smain China office locates

the 52nd Orientation program for new Buckland  teachers in 2012spring

the 46th-48th Buckland oreintation group fellows in 2011 spring

Self introduction of some Buckland teachers in 2009 summer

the 39th Buckland orientation program for 2009 fall teachers 

Buckland teacher Judy in Huaiya Middle School, Shaanxi

Buckland teacher Ian in Jingbian NO. 1 High school, Shaanxi

Buckland teacher Alyssa in Longgang Middle school, Hanzhong

city, Shaanxi province

Buckland teacher Susan in Ankang Middle School, Shaanxi


a KTV party held for the new Buckland teachers of 2009 Aug.

self-introduction of some Buckland teachers in 2009 spring

TEFL In China Seminar at the 2009 spring orientation program

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