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Buckland does not charge you any service or application fee. All service fees will be paid by Buckland, including fee charges on visa & immigration paperwork, airport pickup, TESOL training, culture orientation, school placement, Chinese language and culture lessons, professional development assistant and support, emergency support.

Service Details
1. Take care of your visas
Buckland Group is responsible for all your visa and residence requirements once the teacher has arrived in China. Normally, teachers arrive in China with a short-term work visa with our invitation paper, which they obtain by their own means in their home country. Upon their arrival, Buckland commences the process of extending their work visa. Buckland has a professional team that takes care of all the necessary paper work for your visa applications, which can save you a lot of time and clear your concerns and troubles on paperwork. The Buckland Administration staff keeps the records of the expiry dates of all our teachers' visas and notifies each person in a timely manner so that you will never have panic or expense on visa expiration.

2. 24/7 reachable emergency support
With Buckland, you are never alone! You can always telephone / send a message to our senior staff at any time if there is an emergency or e-mail the primary operation office in Yangshuo if you have questions.

3. Free TESOL training and culture orientation
Buckland provides free training for new Buckland teachers and intern teachers. Training includes teaching methods and strategies specifically used with Chinese students and the culture orientation focuses on living in China and reducing culture shock. Both orientations deal realistically with problems you may have in China and how to solve them.(see pictures)

4. Flexibility and choices of working locations
Buckland has now about 80 franchise schools in different cities throughout China. You have a choice of working in many different areas of China. If you do not like the school you got first placed, Buckland will offer you the opportunity to change schools. Buckland will always try to place you at a school of your preference.
(see school locations)

5. High quality and reliable working conditions guaranteed
Buckland oversees and guarantees the quality and reliability of the working conditions at your host schools. Our franchised schools are chosen from hundreds of schools in China who must meet our standards for living and working conditions.

6. Competitive Salary and benefit package guarantee
Buckland guarantees your salary and contract completion bonuses. If the school doesn't fully pay you the completed package listed on the contract, Buckland will cover the unpaid balance.

7. Trained professional foreign affair officers
Buckland provides administration training to all Foreign Affair Officers (F.A.O.) at our franchised schools, so that you will be provided with consistent assistance at your host schools.

8. Continuous support and professional development opportunities
After you are placed at one of our franchised schools, Buckland will continue to provide you assistance and professional development support through e-mails with our teacher trainers and other experienced foreign teachers.

9. An Interest-free loan is offered for the first month in China

Buckland has 20 year experiences working with foreign teachers, Chinese schools and has a profound network with education authorities in China. Buckland has gained a reputation for providing high quality education and our foreign teachers take great pride in being part of our team.

Buckland International Education Group

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