A Thank You Letter from Matt in Chengdu, 2014

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to say how much we appreciated and benefited from your help in Chengdu yesterday. The new Buckland group here is very close to each other now, and well prepared to succeed and represent Buckland. The new teachers have the resources they need and those of us who have been here for a while are happy to help them from now on.

Also, I really appreciate you making sure everyone got bus cards. I know it maybe seemed like a small thing to you, but it's so important to Westerners to be able to use the bus. It's how we get to know and love a city, and it makes us better able to stay here for longer, which is good for us and for Buckland.

The help and care you showed with the new teachers is going to make them successful at not only teaching, but living in China. Thanks again for doing that for them. I'm sure Buckland will benefit from it.


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