Experience of living and working in China --Shane Johnson

I would like to say a BIG thankyou for the position here in Tainyang County. I love it here. The people are so beautiful and this is exactly what I wanted, a small place with special people. I love my time with the students and am doing my best to become the best teacher possible. At first it was difficult as I did not have the Teachers Guide to the Students Lesson Book but the teachers figured out my problem. Once I was given the teachers guide, the Students Lesson Book made much more sense and I had an idea of what I was supposed to be teaching. Everyone helps me more than they should and I am so thankful for such a special place to work and teach. I have made many friends in my first week and have you to thank for this.

So I thank you for your patience Jennifer and for your words of wisdom Owen and of course to Betts who was a delight to listen to and be around. I was very close to choosing other schools prior to hearing about Bucklands. Thankfully I chose to follow my heart and the fact that Jennifer was so professional and helpful. This is 100% more than anyone else offered.

I know I will enjoy my time in this beautiful little town. It is exactly what I look for during my travels around this beautiful world we all live in. Usually when I find such a place I only have a limited amount of time to spend there, but being a teacher I can spend hopefully 1 year...that is of course if the school will have me for that long. I am trying my hardest to become what they want in a teacher....Mr and Mrs Loh are also delightful to be around and do their best to help me when I need help. I am also thanful for the friendship of Yang Yang (Jane), she has made my first week a memorable time and given her time to make mine easier.

Thank you for making my dreams come true.....seeya mate...Bye Bye...Shane Johnson


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