Teach in Yangshuo, Guilin, China -- Sara Seggie

Hello Barb!!
China and I are doing absolutely fantastic...we're like this we are (my fingers are crossed really tightly) Yangshuo still never ceases to make me giggle on my little bicycle. My school is outstanding, my students are my closest friends and Chinese people ALWAYS have a glowing, innocently curious smile as they gently reach out to warmly hold my hand.

The experiences I've had since being here are amazing, on national tv a few times, in the newspaper at least every couple of weeks, having a tv documentary made about me, wined and dined with one group of government leaders after another, ringing new town bells, lecturing to groups of 500 to promote English, skipping class with my 6 students and running away for the day to wander for hours through the biggest cave in China, running races and winning cash prizes, working with the biggest promoter and teacher of English in all of Asia, Lee Yang (Crazy English) and now I have the pleasure of having my mother here to share it all with.

My chinese is coming along, simple conversations, the greasy food is not making me fat but, my nails sure are nice. Closer to the end of the year I am going to travel all up the west side of China, head back down to Thailand and then fly home to Ottawa for Christmas with me dear sweet Granny.....then it's back to China for sure!! I'm not through with this place, I think it will take a few years to get over China!

I'm better with emailing these days so you can leave my email address with my letter if you post it on the website...I'll do my best to respond to any grads interested in China.

A million good things under a lampshade hat.



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