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Jennifer Bannon

I teach in China and am placed in Hunan province in a small town by the name of Jiangyong. I doubt you'll find it on the map! I literally spent over 100 hours on the internet researching different agencies, sending emails and combing through job offers before deciding on Buckland. I wouldn't recommend teaching for a Private School in China or working without an
agent. Buckland requires that certain standards are met with your living conditions, all of the schools are required to make a sizable deposit which ensures your payment and they provide you with a week of orientation and are available for support. They also look after your visa once you arrive. It's basically a business so it's in their best interest that you're happy, but they also seem to genuinely care. I have my son with me, as well and both Jennifer and Owen have been wonderful. I also read the negative comments on the internet but researched, contacted several other teachers and it seems that the problems you've read about concern one individual. The way I look at it, there's two sides to every story. Also, the English "business" in China is very competitive. There may be some competitors who are trying to ruin their reputation. From what I've experienced personally and heard here
in China, Buckland has the best reputation.

We have a fully-furnished, two bedroom apartment that is huge, located just outside the gate of the school. There's a washing machine, microwave, t.v., dvd player, dish sterilizer, hot water, gas stove, hot and cold water cooler, heat and air-con in bedroom, computer with free internet and a phone.

The kids in this middle school are amazing. They are eager to learn from us. It's been an unforgettable and rewarding experience to teach these students. It's going to be hard to say goodbye. I wish that I'd brought more materials for highschool students, such as popular magazines, books and other things that interest teens. The text is provided for you, so it isn't a big deal, or necessary but I like to be prepared and think having some of those things would help. But, there's always the internet. I picked up a ton of stuff really cheaply at home at the Dollar Store, like a Teacher Planbook, small souvenirs, stickers, etc.

There's a Foreign Affairs Officer at the school assigned to you, many of whom speak quite good English. They will look after getting water when we need it, any problems with your living arrangements and your teaching schedule.

Jennifer Bannon



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