Teaching and Living in Sanya

Sucess English Training Center and its students

My name is Anastasia ,This is my first experience working as an English Teacher. I work in Success English Training Center in Sanya, Hainan. Our Training center were divided between 3 campuses. The distance between Yingbin, Youyi and Xinfeng campuses is around 15 minutes by car. The campuses are very neat, nice and modern. Each classroom equipped with the air conditioner, which is very important in a tropical paradise. Working here is a great pleasure, because all the things you need you can find within the bounds of our English training center. Sanya became my second home: citizens are open and friendly, the environment is very healthy, food is delicious. What else you need? And I won't forget to mention the sea, which water is pure and clean, that you will absolutely enjoy.

Foreign teachers have a flexible schedule. We have 2 days off - Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesdays all teachers have weekly meetings in one of the campuses. Thursday is a lesson planning day. On Friday evenings I have two classes. On the weekends we work full day. The classes starts at 8.40 till 12, after we go for lunch that last till 14.40, then you work till 18.00 and then dinner time till 19, so after I usually have one more class. Classes last for 45 minutes and if its VIP class it last 50 minutes.

> Students in China like the same kids everywhere. They are very kind, funny and cute. Students are generally well behaved and they are always excited to see you. The age of the students ranges from kindergarten to 17 years old. Your main task is to make students talk, using different games that can attract them in the process of studying English.


Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the four prefecture-level cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China. In this city you can find everything you need. Sanya has many parks, attractions, shops, outdoors activities, sightseeing places. The city is very clean and safe. The climate in this part of China is mild, with little seasonal differences. It is hot from April to October, especially in June, from November to March – just warm. All parts of the city and the bays are connected by bus service, which is very convenient. Sanya also has a railway station. Sanya railway station operates are high speed type running within the island.

Teachers Apartment

Every foreign teacher has its own apartment, which is located near the campus where the foreign teacher attached to. I am very lucky to have my place in 5 minutes walking from the Yingbin campus. Apartment is provided with Wi-Fi, washing machine, fridge, flat TV and air conditioner. I live on 15th floor. The building is new and on the first floor are some stores and restaurants. My neighbors are friendly, quiet and kind people. My apartment has a living-room, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and balcony. Rooms are bright, spacious and new. Everything you need you already have it, so it makes you feel like home.

Buckland Group

The Buckland group is a company with a reliable, helpful and organized atmosphere. They always care about the foreign teachers and their safety and comfort of being in China. From the very beginning they clearly and quickly answered to many of my questions, that shows that staff in the Buckland team are high qualified. The processing went very easy and smooth. It is very important, especially for those who has this kind of experience for the first time. I have never felt doing things on my own, anytime during the process with all the papers the Buckland group was there to answer all of my questions, even if I had asked them many times before.


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