Buckland International Education Group Review Submitted by Addie Weller and Justin Monninger May 27, 2017

From the application process and the visa paperwork, to the orientation and the school placement, Buckland International Education Group provided us with an excellent teaching experience in China.

When we applied, our recruiter, Ping, was incredibly helpful and informative. She answered our many questions in a timely manner. She even went out of her way to Skype with us multiple times to ensure we were comfortable moving forward with a position at Buckland. Thank you, Ping!

Buckland provided us with all the visa paperwork information, along with detailed instructions on how to complete the work visa requirements. This was a complicated process, but Buckland helped us every step of the way. Buckland was upfront with not only the visa process, but what would be expected of us once we arrived in China.

We arrived late in Guilin on a connecting flight from Shanghai and Buckland had already arranged a private transport to their office in Yangshuo. We arrived at the office around three in the morning and were shown to our private accommodations. The next day, we filled out some paperwork and were then given a private tour of downtown Yangshuo from Buckland’s training teacher, Robert Hale. We enjoyed walking through the city, sampling the street food and taking in the beautiful surroundings.

Buckland provided us with an excellent week of orientation, covering Chinese culture and language, teaching methods, lesson planning, and a crash course in how to teach in a Chinese school. On the second day of training, we took a bus to Guilin for our health check. Buckland was very helpful in getting this crucial part of our visa taken care of. After a few days of training, we were ready to go!

At the end of our training, Buckland prepared a small class of local high school students for us to instruct. We were told to have a 40-minute lesson prepared and given another “Bucklander” to prepare with. The students were sweet and helpful. It was nice to have a “practice run” before shipping out to our school.

Buckland provided us with delicious lunches every day during our training sessions. One of our fellow teachers was a vegetarian, so Buckland went out of their way to prepare a vegetarian buffet with not only delicious food, but dietary health education as well. On the last night of our orientation, Buckland hosted Foreign Affairs Officers from many schools across China. We had the opportunity to meet them, chat about their schools, and enjoy a delicious BBQ.

Buckland then placed everyone in our orientation group according to their preferences and available schools. Buckland worked very hard to make sure everyone was happy with their placement and their salary. We were both placed in Xi’an city in the Shaanxi province in a primary school, teaching grades 1-6. Buckland arranged our flight from Guilin to Xi’an and ensured our Foreign Affairs Officer would pick us up at the airport.

We have very much enjoyed working at the Fangxin Primary School in Xi’an. Our Foreign Affairs Officer, Apple met us at the arrival gate and has not stopped helping us since we landed. The administration has been very welcoming and accommodating. They provided us with a beautiful apartment, fully furnished; we even have free cable TV and HBO! Every time we’ve needed assistance, our school has made it a priority to help us. We’ve been treated to more delicious lunches than we can handle; Chinese people love to feed you. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Between swimming in the rivers in Yangshuo, traveling to Chengdu to see the pandas, and exploring the ancient city of Xi’an, Buckland and our school have been there for us. We cannot thank everyone enough! We certainly would recommend working with Buckland International Education Group and teaching English in China. Ganbei and good luck!

-Addie and Justin


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